Monday, September 26, 2005

Stranger's Blog

I've been a little stressed lately because of school and the recital, but I found something today that picked me up a little. I happened upon a strangers blog (from doing a search of my name on Clusty.Com), and this is what I found:

Five songs that mean a lot to me: Maaya Sakamoto's "Getsuyou no Asa", Ueno Kouji's "Beaufort no Kodomo-tachi" (shows you how much I'm obsessed with Fantastic Children, doesn't it? Pathetic), Anthony Joseph Lanman's "Il dolce stile nuovo", Frou Frou's "Must Be Dreaming", Peter Pan's "Di Belakangku"

I have no clue who these other artists are, but just knowing that my music is truly getting out to people, and that this girl posted in her blog that one of my pieces was of the the five that really means something to her - I can't explain the feeling - just an awesome, awesome feeling. Also, knowing that this is not someone in the concert music world - not someone in the academic world - this is who I'm trying to reach, and it's really happening. I feel good :)

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Rafael Hernandez said...

Now, if only she'd link to the site... (or does she?)