Monday, May 09, 2005

Welcome to my Music Blog!

Welcome one and all to my music blog! I have created this blog with the intention of sharing my thoughts, commentary, and opinions on music. This means, music in general, music in society, music in history, my own musical activities, the musical activities of my NewStyle colleagues, composers living and dead, etc. Many things I post about will be my own personal thoughts on music - if you disagree with anything I say then tell me so - don't be so quiet! I hope this blog will give the interested some insight into my musical thought, and perhaps more insight into my own music. Thanks for reading...

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Mom said...

Well, my comment, as the mother mentioned several times in your biography, is that I'm sure I must have been more of a musical influence than you remember. What about all that Billy Joel you grew up on? Haha! You did forget to say how proud your family is of you, and always has been. You are true to yourself, and never have followed anyone else's lead. Love you,